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About Us

Acupuncture at ACA Grand Central.

Acupuncture treatments are a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

Benefits of Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture points are places to stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. This stimulation boosts your body’s natural painkillers.

  • People can effectively combine acupuncture with other treatments.
  • Effective acupuncture can help manage chronic pain, migraines, and headaches.
  • Acupuncture carries a low risk of side effects.
  • It is a flexible treatment form that can simultaneously target numerous health concerns.

Acupuncture | Conditions & Treatments

Acupuncture may be helpful in a variety of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety, stress, depression, addiction
  • Arthritis, joint inflammation, long-term pain
  • Insomnia, migraines, nausea
  • Sinus/nasal congestion
  • Skin appearance
  • Digestive issues
  • Women’s Health – PMS, menopause symptoms, endometriosis
  • Sports injuries, Weight Loss
  • Cancer care
Our Doctors

Licensed Acupunctuist & Physical Therapist

Aifeng Song

Aifeng Song is a NY and PA licensed acupuncturist who has earned an NCCAOM Acupuncture Diploma, NCCAOM Oriental Medicine Diploma. She graduated from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and currently is a Ph.D candidate of American Academy of Health and Wellness.

Ms. Song’s research and clinical trials focus on internal medicine and acupuncture. Her specializes in insomnia, arthritis, headache/migraine, neck /shoulder/low back pain, infertility, disorders associated with menstruation, digestive disease, and allergy.

Suhan Woo

Suhan Woo, DPT is a licensed physical therapist in New York, Florida, and Korea. He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Montana University. He has experience in treating a variety of patients in private practice settings, such as those with sport medicine-related issues, orthopedic issues, neuromuscular problems, post-surgical conditions, and geriatric conditions.

 He is skilled in manual therapy and functional training, based on his knowledge and evidence-based practices. He specializes in treating major joints such as neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle; low back pain; balance issues; sport-related injuries; and post-operative rehabilitation.

 Suhan is passionate about helping his patients return to their normal lifestyle and empowering them to stay active and healthy. He is dedicated to educating his patients so that they can lead a high-quality life.

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